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Re: 2007 150 e-tec fule injectors

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It is unlikely that the injectors are faulty, my guess is they had internal corrosion and/or stale fuel deposits restricting the flow.


With an engine that is about 11 years old but only has about 110 hours. it must have sat unused for long periods of time. That equates to only 10 hours of use per year.  Stale fuel deposits and possible corrosion probably built up in the lower injectors over time - moisture sinks to the lowest point both in the gas tank and in the engine's fuel system. That is normally why you hear of the bottom 2 cylinders having problems on engines with very little usage.

If you had a different brand of motor and the fuel system was fouled by stale gasoline or moisture, the other company would not give any consideration at all to an 11 year old motor. 


You may want to contact Evinrude and plead your case, though. Include the serial number with your email. 






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Re: 2007 150 e-tec fule injectors

Bluewater Bill thanks for the reply. I brought it to a second BRP dealer and did plead my case. BRP is working with the dealership to send me a NEW block and starter (which also broke a gear during this fiasco). I’m impressed they even are willing to aid a second owner on a 11 year old outboard. They may have brought me to the dark side. Joking aside, I’m two weeks out on this repair project and they are replacing fuel, fuel lines, filters, sending injectors off for recertification, lower unit oil, water pump, install block and starter and hopefully I’ll be back in business. $6500 is my bill all inclusive. Hope it works. If it does, I’m a believer in BRP.