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Factory Installed with........

I brought this subject up earlier, and it seemed to fall on deaf ears, because there hasn't been an improvement.


Just about every boat on the market, comes "Factory installed" with Yamaha. You can't get away from it.


Entire boating publications are riddled with boat ads, with this plastered on every one of them. Name brand boats too, that have been around for years.


I saw ONE ad, just ONE, it was a Wellcraft 222 CC with a G2 in the pic, but then at the bottom of the ad, it said "Factory installed with Yamaha"


There is no trace of Evinrude advertising anywhere, not even by themselves. Bass pro is shilling boats with Chinese built Mercurys, Suzuki is well represented on their own. Where's Evinrude?


Does Evinrude even have a Marketing Dept? if so, what do they do? 


Anyone whose heard of me before, knows I'm a 50+ year Evinrude customer and devoted fan, and want this new Evinrude company to increase market share, but you guys continue to be a no show.


Are you selling that many motors?, that you don't need too? 


I doubt that because Yamahas are everywhere and, are as prevelant as OMC Johnsons and Evinrudes were 25 years ago.


You should see the looks I get, and the (rude) verbal responses, when I approach a boat dealer who offers "factory installed with yamaha", They won't sell you a boat and trailer only, and when you mention wanting an Evinrude, they proceed to say things about you I won't repeat here.


Breaks my heart

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Re: Factory Installed with........

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If you go to the Wellcraft website, and choose "build a boat", they offer 3 power options on most boats, Evinrude, Mercury and Yamaha. I beleive you can get those  boats :factory installed" with any of  those three power options.


But, I hear what your saying,





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Re: Factory Installed with........

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There is a new Director of Marketing at Evinrude who started very recently and last year BRP selected a very energetic vice-president for the North American Sales of Evinrude and Marine Propulsion Units.


They are working together to invigorate the Evinrude brand and that does take time, especially in a seasonal industry.


You have already experienced one of their dynamic promotions with the introduction of the revolutionary 10-year factory coverage for new Evinrude E-TEC outboards.


Changes are in the wind.




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Re: Factory Installed with........

Wer need a LOT of support in Freeport Bahamas.Their are very few of us running Evinrudes.The other brands have taken over.