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Etec 30 hp exhaust routing

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Hello all,


I have a 2013 Etec 30 hp equipped with a 4 blade high thrust prop that I use on my pleasure barge.  The motor is in a well that is only ventilated by virtue of being open at the top. Consequently I get a lot of exhaust in that area, even at higher rpms.  I tried sticking on a flexible hose over the exhaust relief port to direct that exhaust out over the side, which works well. However there is still exhaust coming out of the muffler drain hole lower down. If I block that hole what bad things could happen? Thanks!



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Re: Etec 30 hp exhaust routing

I think blocking the muffler drain would cause exhaust water to build up in the muffler and restrict your exhaust relief. The best solution would be to install a bilge blower to vent your motor well. The engine is "inhaling" dirty/burned air in the motor well and will not run as efficiently.
Low emission engines run a 14:1 air:fuel mixture. That is 14 pounds of air to a pound of fuel so an engine needs a lot of fresh air to run properly.