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Etech 115 vs 115 HO?

Howdy gang. Looking at buying a shallow water, tunnel hull bay boat, 18' rated 130hp max. Motor will be on a hydrolic jackplate. Dealer recommends 115 or 130 Etech. With the 115HO, what is different? Does the HO have a low water pickup? Maybe a few extra HP, but not as much as the standard 130? Thanks, Jerry
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Re: Etech 115 vs 115 HO?

Neither gearcase on the 115 has low water  pickups, that is for the big block V6's.


The 115HO and the 130 perform about the same but the 130 has nicer "manners" and can have the oil programming set for reduced consumption using the synthetic XD-100 lubricant.




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Re: Etech 115 vs 115 HO?

I am not an Evinrude mechanic, but I own a 2012 115HO that is set on 100XD for oil usage (I am certain, I have seen it on the dealer's laptop).  I have been led to believe there is no difference between the 130 and the 115HO except for the stickers.  Something like 126 horsepower for both.  I have also read that the XD100 setting isn't for the big HO's like 250.


From my experience with 150 hours, the 4000 rpm level is where the manners are a bit sloppy as the exhaust is changing for higher RPMs.  I tend to run 3800 or 4150 to avoid the transition back and forth (diverter in one position without changing).  My two cents worth anyway.

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Re: Etech 115 vs 115 HO?

I believe from the 150HO and Up the HP range on the HO's the XD100 setting is not available. It definitely is on my 2011 115HO (which is the setting I run it on).