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Re: I'll never own another Evinrude!

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I don't leave the same gas in the can for years on end, I use fresh gas with the manufacturer recommended Evinrude 2+4 fuel conditioner. Evinrude states that this in only one of 2 additives approved for use in the engine. According to the 2+4 label it will protect for up to 1 year. Again, I don't leave the same fuel in the engine for anywhere near that length of time. Just because I don't put 100 hours on it a year doesn't mean fresh fuel isn't ran through the engine.
And yes, the 3 year service was last performed in August of 2015. 
BRP claims this for the Etec as well "Sealed fuel system: Air can’t get in. Fuel won’t evaporate. No more gummed-up fuel systems. Your engine is well protected during storage." Sure doesn't seem too true to me.

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Re: I'll never own another Evinrude!

Lackof use kills more outboards then any other issue. You can complain all you want but the issue is misuse by non use. Any combustion engine that was ony used for 25 hours in 7 years is going to have issues. Amplified by ethanol and other fuel additives in todays fuel. Stabilizers are good for about a year. which means you have to use all that fuel in a year and have fresh stabilized fuel in the engine components every season. Add to that the water environment outboards are used in, you have horiible condesation issues and bad gas in the tank. trying to run a motor on bad fuel causes a lot of damage.