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2004 Evinrude Etec 75hp Hard to start

Hi I am Joe From Malta and i am new to this community, First of all sorry for my English but i am trying my best Smiley Happy.


I have an evinrude etec 2004 75Hp, and i am having problems to crank the motor, it is like the starter cant turn over the flywheel it is like there is not ennafe juice from the Battery. I have 2 100ah varta Batteries, when i put the selector switch on battery 1 it try to turn the flywheel but nothing, when i use both batteries it turns a bit better but still not that kick to start, so i decided to skip the starter solenoid and it worked it cranked to life first turn, so i figured out it was a solenoid problem so i ordered one, and i tried again to crank but with no results, so then i have changed my wiring but the same result not cranking, i have tested my starter the mechanic says its OK.


and at this point i don't know what to do i don't want to keep spending money for trail and error because over hear it works like that lol, so i decided to turn to you maybe someone had my same problem and could help me with some advice.

Thanks for now Joe

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Re: 2004 Evinrude Etec 75hp Hard to start



Hi Joe,


We are sorry to hear that you are having difficulty starting your motor.


Because you changed out the starter solenoid and then bypassed it to get the starter to operate, that tells me your problem could be a neutral start switch or a connection somewhere.


On an E-TEC the engine computer called an EMM activates the solenoid. It has to receive a signal from the key switch start position plus the voltage through the neutral switch.


If you have a remote control box, check there first.

Another quick check is to connect a voltmeter to the starter post and the starter frame. Have someone turn the switch to start and measure the voltage. If it is below 10 volts, then you have to troubleshoot why the voltage is low.  If you are uncomfortable doing this, then a dealer should be consulted.




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