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Re: Thinking I made a Bad decision... 300HP G2

Well how do you explain the writing on your -ve lead and NO writing on the genuine BRP leads. As I said previously I am 100% certain now that your battery leads are not the genuine and CORRECT ones like Bill posted.

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Re: Thinking I made a Bad decision... 300HP G2

As I said I'll check when I get the boat back. I asked the installer and that's what he told me. It also looks like Evinrude does not mandate the use of their cables as the offer the Y-harness (P/N 766596) for use with non-Evinrude cables. Maybe they need to mandate that Evinrude only cables are used if it's an issue they're so familiar with.

But there again the negative lead was one of the problems I had with the G2, the other being the motor had no power and that was due to low compression according to BRP and the low compression was due to a problem with materials during the manufacturing process which they eventually found.
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Re: Thinking I made a Bad decision... 300HP G2

No one said you HAVE to use the genuine cables but your problems started with the badly crimped -ve terminal so whoever did that did not do a good job and as I said earlier it would be interesting to see the rest of the boat wiring to see if everything that needs to be done has been done.

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Re: Thinking I made a Bad decision... 300HP G2

I've heard about several of these ground wire issues. I don't understand how Ford, GM or any other auto builder can put together vehicles that are much more complicated and have no issues and BRP can't make this small engine work properly without issues. Looks like we're going through the old Ficht world again. Doesn't any of these engine manufacturers test this stuff before they put it on the market. I've been a loyal  Evinrude fan since '88. Luckily I didn't own a Ficht. I have owned a 2005 200hp, 2008 and 2015. I went through Lightening gear cases every year until I finally changed to the Magnum unit and haven't had a problem since. This may be my last Evinrude since R&D can't gaurantee sound equipment anymore. I wish they would prove me wrong. Talked to my mechanic at Cabelas and he told me the G2 has been plagued with small electrical and hydraulic steering bleed issues. The engine seems to run great other than that. Jut not reliable yet. I can't afford to be their guinea pig anymore.

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Re: Thinking I made a Bad decision... 300HP G2

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I think that you have been reading boating website forums where most contributors either do not tell the whole story or often-times spread misinformation.  Don't forget that there are 2 sides to every story.


For example, you mentioned the battery cable ground wires as being a common problem.  That is not true as the Evinrude factory battery cables are high quality and have never been a problem as they are engineered for specific motors.  


The Evinrude E-TEC G2 outboards have been in production for over 2 years now and are surprising the industry with their performance, economy, and low-end torque.  Any steering bleed issues are usually from not being bled correctly per the factory manual.


The originator of this thread "reelhooker"  did have a battery negative cable pull out of its terminal  and cause all kinds of electrical abnormalities on his new motor. The thing is that the battery cables were not an Evinrude brand. They were poorly fabricated and homemade by some individual, not by the Evinrude factory.  


Look closely at the images in this thread on page 1 dated 9-10-15 of the Evinrude battery cable kit and the following post showing an image of the broken fabricated cable that came apart.  Notice that there is no solder on the fabricated cable and that means it was a crimp connection that was not assembled correctly. Notice too that the wire is different than the factory siamese style battery cables plus you can see  corrosion pitting on the old cable terminal where it is bolted to the motor.


When the old battery cable pulled apart, the dashboard display on the boat flashed the message "Check ground cable."  Yes, the diagnostics on the Evinrude E-TEC G2 motors are sophisticated enough to tell the operator what had happened to the electrical system.


The originator of this thread, "reelhooker" was so impressed with the help he received from Evinrude that he removed his old complaint video and filmed a new one praising the efforts and the customer service shown to him by Evinrude to get him back on the water and everything running correctly.


As the old-time news announcer Paul Harvey used to say when he concluded his newscasts,  "Now you know the rest of the story."




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