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2017 Evinrude 90 ETEC running rough at 3000rpm/ not reaching FOT potential

Hey there fellas, New user here.
So my 17’ evinrude 90 etec is giving me some performance problems. I’m assuming it’s a fuel issue. I’m way out in Dutch harbor Alaska, small island way out on the aluetian chain. There are no technicians, service shops or dealerships out here.
The problems I’m having are : Runs rough between 3000-3250 RPMs. She kinda struggles to push past 3250 and once she does, she’ll run smooth but won’t get to the FOT potential like before ( 5500-5700rpm). She’ll top out at 4250rmp.

Now I have changed out and indexed new spark plugs, cleaned out the mini filter in the Vapor separator, I’ve changed all the fuel lines and fuel filters. I run only clean fuel in a brand new 6 gallon tank, ( before doing all this she was running a bit rough and sounded like she mis fired a lot more but purrs now with the exception of the hiccups at 3000-3200 and not reaching full throttle potential. My next steps are to try to diag. The TPS. I understand that there might be an injector issue and that’s something that I can’t take care of myself if I’m not mistaken . I’d have to ship the engine to anchorage. Big money operation. Any advise would be greatly appreciated!!!
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Re: 2017 Evinrude 90 ETEC running rough at 3000rpm/ not reaching FOT potential

Had a similar problem with my 16  -90,dealer found a capacitor in the top end was faulty after trouble shooting it for 6 weeks last summer,they changed out all injectors,tps,all sensors,complete wiring harness.hope this helps,Stay Safe