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No spark on etec 30hp

I have a 2012 Etech 30HP outboard Model # E30DPLINA with a no spark condition. The motor has very low hours on the water and is still like new. First I had no fuel to injectors at all. I took off the two injectors, soaked in sea foam for a day reinstalled in the correct order. Now I have fuel to the plugs but have lost spark from both coils.

Here is what I have tried already to correct the issue.

  • Checked the netural saftey switch = fine
  • Checked the kill switch = fine
  • Changed the Crankshaft Position sensor
  • Removed battery cables and cleaned everything up and put back
  • Replaced fuel line
  • Checked fuses
  • The thing would start and idle at first but any attempt to give gas it would just die. Now, the plugs get wet with plenty of fuel when cranking but 0 spark from either coil. This is my last attemtp before taking it in to the shop. ANY help is appreciated. I inclued pics (Google Drive Links, pic file size to big)  to hopefully help. When cranking the cranking over the motor the sensor OK light stays flashing?

Boat pic links from my Gdrive Thanks in advance for any/all help!