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2017 G2 300 HP Starting hesitation

I posted this earlier in a previous conversation. Sorry if this doubled up but wanted to make sure it was noticed by all. 


I have a 2017 G2 300 that started with this histation starting issue the 2018 boating season. My first thought was that the 2 year old Interstate Battery is shot. Ive asked my dealer several times if I’m starting it wrong, I always turn the key and let the gages wake up then try to start it. Usually the first turn of the key nothing, Ive never held the key to see if it will finally start, I let go.

Second turn sometimes I get a false start then nothing, third turn of the key it hesitates and starts. This happened all thru 2018 boating season.  

My dealer picked up the pontoon for a warranty item and they claimed they couldn’t make it replicate (Bull) they didn’t try starting it, they load tested the battery said it was good and delivered it back. When I tried to start it on there trailer it did the same thing, 3 turns of the key, young kid delivered. My dealer never got back to me after that. 

Ive been researching starting issues for 300 HP G2 and came across a E-Nation talk about the hesitation. 

I’m trying to get my dealer and the Evinrude dealer in Oshkosh were I have it stored to respond to my findings. 

Today I found my pontoon in storage and took a picture of the key switch and now I’m confused because the one I have is an Evinrude switch and it has a separate safety cord switch. The E-Nations chat mostly described off brand key switches installed by the dealers. 

I’d really like to get a handle on this before the 2019 boating season 

I dont have a lot of confidence in dealers, mostly my purchase dealer, really poor Experiance buying from them and there servise department is a mess. Hens the reason I’m doing all the research to figure out what’s going on. 


Has Evinrude got a handle on this now? Per the 2017 links they new there was an issue. 



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Re: 2017 G2 300 HP Starting hesitation


The nice thing about this website is that you do not have to ask a question multiple times.  We have responded to your inquiry in the other forum where you asked the same thing.




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