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Flushing need

I have a 2012 Etec 90. It is 'saltwater approved'. I will be using on/off over 2 months in FL but may have hard time flushing after every use. Is it necessary? What does saltwater approved really mean? What about Salt Away or similar products, do they work or are they harmful to the engine? I will definitely try and find a fresh water source to flush after use but if not, what is going to happen? I will definitely flush it when I get back home for however long it takes to clean out any salt residue. Public launches, my storage yard and condo rental have no access to fresh water. What about car wash wand to flushing port with or without pulling wand trigger, on low pressure I would expect some water to go into passages but think high pressure might do harm? Thanks.

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Re: Flushing need

Man there has to be a hose that you can at least connect to the motors flush port and allow water to rince out the salt,etc. I use salt away every trip when I come in and I stand by that product. If you are at a marina launching, no one is going to care if you use one of the hoses from one of the slips. As far as the motors sticker saying "Saltwater approved " I sure that BRP is just letting us know that the water pump, nuts and bolts, screws etc.are all stainless but there are still parts in the power head that are susceptible to corrosion from salt. I guess I'll wait to see what Saltwater Bill will say, but me I'd flush or no take my boat.
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Re: Flushing need



It is always best to flush an outboard after running in saltwater. If you can't, that is not the end  of the world and the motor will not fall apart. Many commercial fisherman and crabbers only flush their motors occasionally.


If there are freshwater lakes or rivers nearby, just backing the trailer in and running the motor goes a long way in cleaning out the engine. Many do-it-yourself car wash places have a faucet on the premises that you can use if you bring your own hose.


Salt water approved means that there are additional stainless steel items and pieces with protective coatings on them to minimize rust or corrosion.




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