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2007 150 HP ETEC Sluggish Hole Shot & Exaust Leak

My 150 ETEC has about 985 hours on it. Just recently it was slow to get up on plane and I also noticed the exaust gasket that connects the lower unit to the upper seemed to be leaking allowing the exaust to exit higher instead of through the prop.

I took the motor in for a tune up and my dealer replaced the gasket. The 1st hole shot everything worked fine. After fishing for a bit the 2nd hole shot was slower.

Back at the ramp I could see the exaust exiting higher creating lots of bubbles.

I dropped the boat off at my dealer this morning.

The dealer mentioned that the muffler may be blocked.

I'm just wondering if anyone else has experienced this and what the fix was.

Thanks for the help!

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Re: 2007 150 HP ETEC Sluggish Hole Shot & Exaust Leak



It is a possibility but a rare one. Once in a while a rubber connector or its clamp will come loose and allow exhaust gases to build up and affect engine running. There are rubber seals that connect the internal exhaust pipe from the midsection to the lower unit, one or both could be dislodged or damaged.


There is no gasket between the lower unit and the midsection but there is one between the powerhead and the midsection.






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Re: 2007 150 HP ETEC Sluggish Hole Shot & Exaust Leak

Thank You for the response!

My dealer called late yesterday letting me know i had a bad injector...

I have read several posts about injectors since. It seems most issues are related to bad/dirty gas.

I have used 87 octane gas with up to 10% ethanol since i bought this motor in November of 2006.

I am able to store my boat inside and i am fanatical about where I buy my gas. I pass several stations to go where i know they sell lots of product, monitor the tanks for water and maintain the filters on their dispensers. I keep my tank full to minimize condensation. Hopefuly this is just a fluke mechanical failure.

I Love MY ETEC and have only had a couple of issues with it.