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2008 115 Etec Stalling in idle

I have just recently purchased this motor second hand and when it is in idle the motor stalls. It does not stall in gear. It has been in the Evinrude dealer for weeks at $000’s and they have effectively given up on it. There’re have been upgrades from BRP and everything done to it known to man pretty much. The dealer has effectively given up on it.


What I would like to know is if there is any way to raise the revs in idle on this outboard. The dealer told me they can only raise the revs for when it’s in gear. They believe the extra 20 or so revs in gear are the reason why it never stalls when in gear. This is my first Evinrude experience and I’m quite frustrated. The motor ran trouble free for the first 8 years of its life. Only done less than 300 hours.


Would appreciate any advice at this stage. One thing I would say is that the dealer actually got it to stop stalling late one day when I suggested maybe the water temperature in the tank (it was very hot) may have been a contributing factor they insisted not.


Any advice welcome. Thanks 

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Re: 2008 115 Etec Stalling in idle

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The engine's onboard computer, the EMM, controls the idle speed.

Stalling problems can be fuel, electrical, or mechanical (scored  or worn cylinders). Items have to be inspected and tested to determine which are at fault, and repair the motor from there.  Most of the time idle or drivability problems are fuel related such as faulty or restricted injectors, fuel pumps, or fuel pressure abnormalities.  the engines's state of tune, cylinder head temperature too low, and carbon buildup can affect things also. On a 115 V4 there is also the possibility of a stuck exhaust tuning valve.

Authorized dealers have access to Evinrudes dealer support team to help out with hard to diagnose problems. You may want to talk to your dealer, look for a different dealer, or contact Evinrude After Sales.

You can email Evinrude with your engine serial number and dealer name at   http://www.brp.com/en/forms/contact-us.html




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