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2013 New Years Resolutions

Want to spend more time on the water?  Want to bag that trophy fish?  Share with us here what your New Years Goals/Resolutions are.  We hope you have a happy 2013!

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Re: 2013 New Years Resolutions

Not my usual ..... Get in shape one. I am almost finished rigging my new Ranger and Evinrude !!! Because my resolution was to not stress over all the rigging until right up to the first tournament. (which I can't wait for by the way). Happy new year to all!!!!!
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Re: 2013 New Years Resolutions

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This year I would like to resurrect the "Deep woods Invitational" Tournament , An event started back in the 80's by the original group of anglers who were the pioneers of what Smallmouth Bass fishing has become today in the Maritime Provinces.


It was an Annual Event which took place on the Mactaquac headpond section of the Saint John River in the Province of New Brunswick. 


Every season during the month of May the original "mover's and shakers" of bass fishing  would head to the Moonlight Motel located in Dumfries New Brunswick on the bank of the mighty Saint John River.


During the 3 or 4 days the event that was more about camaraderie, and discussions on the state/promotion of Smallmoth Bass fishing in Nova Scotia/ New Brunswick. 


We would talk of our bass club, The Canadian Association of Smallmouth anglers (CASA) which was the first club focusing totally on bass fishing, working with Government on management and regulations, and where the future of Bassin is heading. The original fire was lit during the late 80's in a small motel room on the Saint John River  that took Bassin in the Eastern Provinces to a level that wouldn't be believed back then.


Over the years the "Deep Woods" just kind of  became lost with C.A.S.A memberships sky rocketing, and onset of Professional Tournament trails, sponsers, mutiple bass clubs,and other committments by everyone involved.


I am gonna try to drum up the interest to make the "Deep Woods" happen again while most of us "pioneers" are still able to go. It will be good for the Soul to do some driftin down memory lane, and blow the dust off the Deep Woods Trophy.





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