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Advice on a G2 200 HP Repower

I am interested in repowering a 19' deckboat that is rated for 200 HP.  I am looking at the Etec 200 HP G2 engine in 20" shaft.  It appears these are the options- ... C200PL, C200FL, and E200LH.   The PL is remote steering. The FL and LH are the DPS steering.  Is that correct?  The boat does not currently have hydraulic steering but I plan to convert it to hydraulic with the new engine.  


Any advice on the differneces in the 200 HP G2 with 20" shaft?  


Also, any thoughts on the 200 HO vs the 200?  I tend to think the 200 would be fine but maybe owners of the 200 HO might have a different opinion.  

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Re: Advice on a G2 200 HP Repower

The 200HO is the big block 3.4L Vs the 2.7L so you will get more giddy up plus the HO is pushing closer to 220HP. If the price is right I would go 200HO. I was quoted $23K Plus Tax in NY.
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Re: Advice on a G2 200 HP Repower

Go with the HO if your budget allows, you can thank me later.