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Capacitor KaaBoom!

I posted this on another Evinrude forum.  Hope someone here can help also


So last week I'm cruising along and the engine is purring like a kitten.  Then all of a sudden she stops.  Turning the key and nothing - no trim/tile, no Icommand, no crank.  I lift the cowling and see a blown fuse.  I had spare 10 amps with me and they all blew.  Long story short - had to call for a tow and 4 hours later and $560 poorer I'm back at the ramp.  Engine is under warranty but I'd still like to send Evinrude the towing bill! 

I take the engine to my authorized Evinrude mechanic and he finds a blown capacitor.  He tells me it's very rare for this capacitor to go bad.  He's only seen it happen a few times.  The interesting thing is when troubleshooting he put in a new fuse and the engine started before he isolated the problem to the bad capacitor. Yet when I did that on the water the fuse keep blowing. How could that be? After he replaced the cap I asked if I should buy a spare and keep it in the boat but they go for $140 so I'll just take that chance again.

Of the few that he has seen he said this is the worst one :



Here's the kicker - I've just heard from another buddy of a 2017 115 that he recently blew a cap also.  In fact, he had snoke coming out of the cowling and thought he actually had an electrical fire!!!!

So, has this happened to any of you guys?  Do I need to freak-out that this is going to happen again?


Please easy my mine!!!  :-)


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Re: Capacitor KaaBoom!

I'm certainly no expert, but thinking about his fuse working when yours didn't: perhaps it was still too hot when you tried yours but the engine had cooled down when he did it.  I'm sure you were panicky and trying to just get home so replaced it immediately.


Regarding towing, I have insurance on my boat that costs $190/year and includes towing up to $500 for a 2017 boat/motor.  Of course it also covers medical payments for injuries, collision and liability for accidents, and even electronics if stolen (can't remember the deductible).  The point is, I don't think BRP is going to pay your towing bill, but boaters insurance isn't that costly to protect you and your investment.

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Re: Capacitor KaaBoom!

I’ve had one blown and was told the same thing. Hadn’t happened since. Maybe the capacitor burned itself in the clear by the time he tried the fuse.