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Only one Ski Doo entered in the I500 mile snowmobile race!

I realize this is not a snowmobile site,but I love all Bombardier products. This site always has negative commenters about Evinrude products. I am a firm believer that racing is a great place to showcase your products to the public. Last weekend the Soo I500 snowmobile race took place in Sault Saint Marie,Michigan  & out of 33 racing teams only one lone entry was riding a Ski Doo. 

     People in the crowd insinuate that in the past Bombardier ruled this racetrack and now are not quite competitive. In closing I want to say some of my best purchases have been Ski Doo and Sea Doo products and my trusty old Johnson! In closing I have seen a few new ETECs pop up and the owners seem happy with there purchases so thanks for making a great quality product.

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Re: Only one Ski Doo entered in the I500 mile snowmobile race!

That is too bad Ski Doo isn't more prolific in the racing venue.  Our first snow mobile when I was young was a Ski Doo Nordic 399.  Fun family snow machine that never had any issues.  My uncle had a Blizzard, that he had hot-rodded and it was a beast (at the time).  I remember back then that the bad boys on the block were the Polaris machines, I think some of them were three cylinder or something.


Anyway, yes I too think racing helps test and promote new ideas into products so it is truly a shame only one team saw Ski Doo as a worthy race machine.  


Makes me wonder about the whole BRP purchase of Alumacraft et al...




...is this a good thing or is BRP spreading themselves too thin?  Smiley Happy