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115 ETec EMM

I see all the postings about the EMM's going bad and I have also had two go bad. I have a 2008 115 and when I carried it to get repaired the mechanic said he had two more ETecs with the same problem. The price of the part is crazy around 2000 dollars. I checked on trading in on a new motor and they said it was only worth 2000 dollars. Evenrude knows about this problem and will do nothing about it. If they lowered the price of the EMM to around 500 dollars it would be a lot better, thats about what the four stroke ecu costs. I wonder if there has been a class action suit against BRP for all of these failures. Being unable to purchase the part and having to get a dealer to install your settings is a monoply, your hands are tied and there is nothing you can do. BRP needs to resolve this issue for it's customers if they want repeat bussiness.

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Re: 115 ETec EMM



We understand how you feel and your frustrations.  Acutally an EMM failure is not a common occurance during regular outboard operation and care. It can have its life shortened by corroded or loose battery connections or wing nut fasteners from the resulting voltage spikes. Debris in the cooling system also affects the EMM by causing elevated operating temperatures. Pricewise the EMM is often less than units from some other engine manufacturers but that is not a consolation if you have to pay for one.  The  EPA  and its Federal Regulations limit have to followed by a manufacturer and that also limits the type of work that can be done by customer whichaffect the certified emissions and power output of an outboard motor.

It may be to your benefit to contact Evinrude After Sales support to see if any participation could be extended in light of your situation. http://www.brp.com/en/forms/contact-us.html






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Re: 115 ETec EMM

I couldn't agree more Tonyb. Have had issues as well, and wouldn't be surprised if it happens again someday. My advice is be absolutely fanatical about your battery wiring and condition. Do not jump start a motor with a flat battery. Make sure battery is disconnected from the motor if being charged. Cross your fingers and hope for the best.