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1997 225 ocean pro part question

Getting my old ocean pro back going and have a question hopefully can get answered. There are 6 little nipples/fitting/drains on each cylinder on the front of the block with hoses attached. They are number 10 on this link.....http://www.crowleymarine.com/johnson-evinrude/parts/51908.cfm?mdl=PJTN1K.....

The old ones are rusty and the hoses cracked. Little bit of steam or something shoots out of them but without tearing it any more apart I can't tell where the hoses go. Also am scared of trying to replace them as I am sure one or more will break off. Anyways....I can't find anything in the book about them and only thing I find online is the part number 0321598 but nothing on what they are actually doing. For another motor is says that are part of the "oil recirculating system" but that was for a 2010 300hp and looks like they all just went through check valves and attached back to each other? Again though that was a different motor not for my 1997 225 which like I said cannot find anything on what they are or where the hoses go. Anyone got info they can help me out with? Thanks a bunch.
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Re: 1997 225 ocean pro part question



The steel elbow fittings that you describe are for the recirculation system and feed the main bearings.  The factory service manual illustrates the hose routings. The fittings are pressed into the block.


You can order a copy of the factory the manual through www.outboardbooks.com by using the engine model number




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Re: 1997 225 ocean pro part question

The hoses go to part number 11 on the diagram, which are one way check valves out of the intake manifold. Mine were all shot, the valves had disintergrated in all but one. The hoses run from the top cylinder drain to the top check valve, middle to middle, bottom to bottom on the same side.You can test the check valves by using alcohol and a syringe to try to push and suck through the valves.

To complicate things for me, there are also internal check valves #12 that were missing from my motor! So replacing 12 valves total cost some money.

Definitely get the factory manual; my Clymer didn't show any of the recirc. system or how to test it.