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2001 115 Evinrude Ficht rough runnig only 175 hours

I took my boat out to the river. It was hard to get it to run at idle. Finally got it out and it would sputter all the way till it got on plane. It seemed to run at 3/4 throttle good not sure if it had all the power it should have but ran without sputtering. After the motor warmed up it would idle and it would sputter till it got on a plane again. I took it home and checked the fuel pressure. It read 22psi running and then dropped to 18 psi after I turned it off and bled off from there. I attached my computer with diagnostic software to it. There were no codes. I manually adjusted the injecters too max richness and then started the motor and it ran great! This where I am stuck, not sure what the problem could be? Should I take it back out with the fuel pressure gauge attached and run it and see if there are any dips in fuel pressure? Could it possibly be the computer? Thank you!