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Replaced EMM unit in 2004. Called DFI, very good to talk with. Took engine to 4 mechanics, all told me to dump the engine, as the Evinrude FICHT engines are trash. Up until 2019 the engine ran perfect. When I put the boat in this fall, after running it on the trailer with muffs for 4 years, the boat ran good at idle. After I brought it up to speed, the motor sputtered. I put it in neutral and revved it up. After a second the motor ran very high (RPM) jumped to 4500 and I turned to shut the engine down. I could not get it restarted. Engine would not fire at all, like the kill switch wasn't connected. I took the boat to 4 mechanics. I was told the this engine was crap. No parts can be found. The DFI guy discussed the EMM issue with me and sounded knowledgeable about the problem, and said most likely it was a "code 57" issue. The engine EMM detected a very high RPM range and shut down. I was told by the last mechanic that pulled the code, that "IF" I had the EMM reset ($900) that if the issue was fuel related, there are NO parts out there to buy since the Evinrude bankruptcy caused the company to stop parts manufacturing on that engine. I can get DFI to reset/rebuild the EMM, but once that $900+ is gone I might be left in the same shape with no running engine, I am told. Does that sound right? The last mechanic also mentioned that with the labor to rebuild the EMM i would be looking at a cost of about $2500 + to get the fuel system cleaned out (it does have bad fuel in the tank) and IF there are some parts that can't be bought for the fuel system, I would owe the repairs and get the bad engine back. There reply was to dump the engine and repower - about $19,000 for a new Yamaha 200.

Any idea if fuel system parts are hard to buy for this 2001, 200HP engine? Any idea if the mechanics are accurate in their description of how bad this motor really is? (EMM units going bad every 5-8 years?) The guy at DFI actually seemed surprised that the rebuilt EMM unit lasted this long. I certainly would pay to have the motor rebuilt if I could get another 5-7 years. Seems that the issue is parts availability - IF I can believe that code 57, and the fuel system issues are my main cause for the need to repair? Anyone had these issues, or can anyone suggest that I dump the problems and repower?

*** one question - I read that you can turn the switch on and if you get the LED lights 1-4 to toggle on, you can count the blinks with pauses meaning double digit numbers to actually get a diagnostic code to help trouble shoot an issue. Is that correct?

Thanks Pros.