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2007 E-TEC 115 thermostat cover 13/16 nut broken

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Replacing the last of 4 Thermostats, 3 out of 4 no issues. 

13/16 Nut at the end of the #4 thermostat cover snapped off.

So, I will be out tomorrow looking for something that fits the bigger Nut, 1-1/2".


Any thoughts on why this happened ?


Just thought I would post this in the case someone has any thoughts. thanks.

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Re: 2007 E-TEC 115 thermostat cover 13/16 nut broken

Hardware or home supply stores have water heater element wrenches that fit.
Salt or calcium can seize the plastic cap threads. Caps should be installed with a bit of Tripple Guard grease on the threads.
I have broken a few caps and used a pin punch to break the cap out of the threads, then use a wire toothbrush to clean the threads.
I made a tool from a double ended heater element wrench cut in half, an impact socket, and a large flat washer. Welded the washer to the socket and element wrench so I now have a double wrench that grabs both parts of the cap.