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2008 e-tec G1 175 HP loss of power



Yesterday while out on the boat (2101 Striper WA), about 20 mins into the trip the motor just died on us.  No warning signs, no warning lights and wouldn't turn over.  Luckily our kicker was able to get us back.  I was told to possibly check for a loose wire, or that the batteries might be dead.  Apparently the power source selector we have has a fail safe that if one battery is dead, it won't wear out the alternator and try to charge that battery, it just shuts off.  Since we had the power setting on 'both', nothing was getting charged.  Has anyone ever experienced this when your batteries are to low, and while moving the motor just quits?


I've also been told that the motor might of siezed, and to try and turn the flywheel to make sure.


Any help would be appreciated.