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2011 1st Gen E-Tec 200HP starts up but shuts down immediately after starting and does not idle

My family and I have never been so heartbroke so many times by a product as my E-TEC 200 HP Engine.  I’m a Prison Minister who doesn’t earn the highest paying salary (but the benefits are out of this world) and father of six children and we spend quite some time every month on the water fishing for dinner or bonding on our vessel.


I recall all my friends raving about Evinrude and their E-Tec product line, so I purchased a boat with an Evenrude Engine (1st Gen) and we were immediately addicted to the performance. 


As you can imagine, our boat is a food resource and family activity. In the 5 years of owning this defective product, I had to replace the Stator, Starter and Fuel Pump and now after spending $850.00 for a replacement pump and associated accessories the engine will not sustain a spark. It starts up but shuts down immediately after starting and does not stay running.


I was told that perhaps a module had gone bad but how is that one bad thing continues to lead to other “bad” or worse things?


I went out with my family after replacing the fuel pump only to be towed back to the dock with a new problem.


I purchased the boat specifically because it had an Evinrude E-Tec engine which at the time was the hottest thing on the market since butter for hot toast.


My kids are now out for summer vacation and I don’t have enough financial resources to pour into this “Lemon” of an outboard that I have. I would really appreciate it if anyone can please recommend what (if any) additional steps I can take to further trouble shoot and diagnose the issue. The only advice I have gotten is to “TAKE IT TO THE EVINRUDE DEALER AND PAY FOR DIAGNOSTICS FEE and then EVERY OTHER THING”.