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2016 300 HP with 7.0 ICON Gauge -- No Water Temp or Live Well Temp

I have a 300 HP G2 and recently replaced a 4.3 ICON gauge with a 7.0 ICON gauge. Everything seems to function except the Water, Live Well and Outside temps don't register. It also didn't work on the 4.3 gauge and an Evinrude rep told me the gauge was broken or wired improperly. My original Evinrrude gauges accurately measured the water temp so I think all of the hardware is there. The document says I need an optional temperature sensor part BRP p/n 764183. Where do I check for that part?  I don't have a relation ship with the dealer I bought the boat from so going to him is not an option. I live in Mich. and only get maybe four months of good boating weather so pulling it out to sit at another dealer is not an option until fall. ANy assitance would be appreciated.