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E-tec 60 hp vibration

Last fall I repowered my 1994 Maritime Skiff 16 with a 2016 60 hp E-tec.  I was unpleasantly surprised to find out that while idling in neutral (and at rpms less than 1000 or so) the engine produces a vibration that causes my leaning post and center console to shake significantly.  If rods are in the holders (particularly in the leaning post holders) then the vibration becomes audible, as well as visible.  With the help of the shop where I purchased it, we attempted to correct or at least minimize this condition.  Initially we tried a prop change (to stainless steel) but no change occurred.  We then installed an anti-vibration pad between the engine mount and the transom (Vibra-Stop from QuikMarine), but as before nothing changed.  I do a lot of inshore fishing while drifting, but in many cases need to leave the engine running.  Under these conditions I am constantly aware of the annoying vibration that this engine produces when coupled with this particular hull.  I really do not want to have to shut off the engine every time I stop to fish.


Unless someone has a suggestion for something else that can be done to reduce this vibration, I am rapidly coming to the conclusion that I need to change to a different engine (four stroke Yamaha or Honda, for example).  I am quite disappointed to have to do this, because I really like the design and performance of the E-tec engines.  What I don't understand is why Evinrude doesn't build these 2 cylinder models with internal vibration dampening, as they do in the pontoon series.