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ETec 115 brand new no oil light

Ok, my GF bought a new 19 Shoalwater with etec 115. Picked up today from dealer took to water. She backed off trailer and I parked the car. When I walked up to the dock to get in she said the “no oil” light was on. Boat had been running less than 2 minutes.

Turned off and back on, big oil smoke, an initial knock in engine and the no oil light came in in less than 30 seconds. Tried two more time with same results, then put boat back on trailer.

When got back to my house and parked boat, lower engine to flush, and oil POURED out of exhaust ports and prop hub. Not just a little, like about a pint.

Washed off driveway, she’s upset, went to dinner. When we got back, about another half pint of oil on driveway. Put some cardboard down and I just checked 30 minutes ago and more oil has leaked out.

Total time on brand new engine, less than 5 minutes. I’ve heard about air in lines, or rigger forgetting to remove oil clamp - but she is VERY VERY upset.

Concerned engine has been damaged or more serious problem. Taking back to dealer and she is talking about demanding a new engine, or take off the ETec and put a Yamaha on. Can’t say I blame her, never seen so much oil come out of an engine without it being blown or serious block issues.

Looking for possible causes, how to asses damage, and advice.

Wish I could post pics.
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Re: ETec 115 brand new no oil light

I should say the experience with this dealer in Corpus Christi has us having SERIOUS doubts about their work. The first time we went to pick boat up they had the wrong engine mounted, the wrong power pole, the wrong seats, cooler seat cushion wasn’t fastened, missing safety chain on trailer, plugs were missing, and wrong prop installed.
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Re: ETec 115 brand new no oil light

Hi I own an etec from 2005 and it’s awesome. I’d get it back to the dealer ASAP.

Sounds like there is an oil line leaking oil, maybe the one straight from the resivoir judging by the amount of oil you are talking about.
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Re: ETec 115 brand new no oil light


We are very sorry to hear that your new Evinrude did not live up to your expectations. That had to be very frustrating when you looked forward to a fun ride with your brand new rig.

Because the NO OIL alarm sounded within a few minutes after starting the engine, it is more than likely that the oil tank, primer, and hose was not fully bled of air during the boat rigging procedure. There are precise steps that have to be followed to purge any air bubbles when the tank is connected to the motor and first filled with oil.


The engine computer is programmed to rapidly pump excessive oil into the motor if a NO OIL warning occurs to help protect the motor and to possibly quickly pass an errant air bubble should that be the case. That is why you saw oil dripping from the motor. Each time the alarm sounded the oil pump went into overtime. There was no harm done to the motor as there is always some oil in it because the E-TEC system recirculates oil inside of the engine. Not only that but the motor can run up to 5 hours at low rpm if an oil line is cut or if it runs out of oil.


Your dealer should be able to take care of your problem very easily and it may be advisable to have someone from the dealership go for a ride with you to make certain everything is operating to your satisfaction.

Again, please accept our apologies for your situation. If you have any problems, please email us with the serial number and your  dealer name to  http://www.brp.com/en/forms/contact-us.html




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