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Etec 250 engine report good? Bad?

26D81325-2EFA-47A1-A6D6-225E7562454E.jpegD3F24677-3687-465C-9E52-536996CBEDE2.jpegB3551D69-00AC-4FB4-9610-ECE4C140D242.jpegI'm looking for feedback from this group. I'm looking to purchase a boat with this engine on it, report was just run. Not knowing what to look for in the report I would appreciate comments of anything good or bad. If any items require further info any suggestions appreciated.

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Re: Etec 250 engine report good? Bad?

The cause of the EMM overheat codes an hour ago should be checked. Could need a water pump or have cooling hoses stopped up.
The engine should run in the 5500 - 5800 rpm range. Looks like it never reached 5500 so it may have the wrong pitch prop on it.