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Evinrude Etec G2 300hp.

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Good day Gents.

Dave here from the UK.

Honest from the start, the reason I am here is because of problems, and serious problems at that with the G2 300hp engines I own.

I have been posting on a site called etecownersgroup (Barnacle Bills) where I have received advise etc from some really really great guys.

Google searches have now introduced me to this site, so here goes with my tale of woes.


I run 2 x G2 300hp engines. 1 standard rotation, 1 counter rotation.

They power a Cataraman and this cat is fitted with Foils.

When running well the performance figures are along the lines of.. 32 knots, 4550 revs, 108 litres per hour, temp 70 degrees.

The engine serial numbers are: 05514416 and 05515747

They now have 260 hours on them total.


They were fitted just a year ago and appeared to be running fine... 5850 WOT was attained. wit a 42 knot recorded speed.

After this test they were never run again at this speed as the sweet spot is 30 knots.


After 2 months I suffered an Injector failure on Starboard engine. Cylinder 4. This resulted in vibration, lack of revs, and fluttering revs.

The injector fault was diagnosed and replaced.

After a further 4 months I suffered same vibration, lack of power and fluttering revs. It was again diagnosed as same injector same engine.

6 weeks ago the mid section ram started leaking and the engine would drop from fully trimmed out of the water to dropping back into the water overnight. Evinrude sent a replacement and I had boat lifted for this work.

The engineers (Powertech UK) removed the engine and replaced the mid section. Although I only had 250 hours on the engines I decided to get them both serviced at this time. (New plugs, Filters, Gearbox oil etc).

The boat was relaunched.

3 hours after relaunch I had a catastrophic engine failure.

This was diagnosed as a broken piston cylinder 4 exhaust port side on Port engine.

Evinrude sent a replacement powerhead and I was relaunched last week.

(The boat never ran so sweet at this point... It sounded great and for 30 minutes I was happy)


After 30 minutes the starboard engine developed the same fault as previous, Lack of power, vibration, fluttering revs.

However a further 10 minutes into use the Port engine started whining (Gearbox).

I called the engineers who advised getting back to port on reduced revs..

10 minutes later revs went sky high, and lost drive on the Port engine.

Total gearbox failure... Also signs of oil in the water.


As well as lost and cancelled business, massive costs of lifting boat each time,  and the massive inconvenience and stress I yet again have a boat where both engines are broken.


250 hours on Port engine, with no problems, then powerhead failure 3 hours after servicing, then a catastrophic gearbox failure a further 40 minutes after operation and what now appears to be 3rd time injector failure on Starboard engine is worrying to say the least.


When the powerhead was replaced there was a series of round green o-rings with grooves and raised centres on the lower gearbox section.

1 of these raised centre bits had an elongated hole in it with sharp edges. (Clearly not by design?) as the other raised bits had no holes. I pointed this out to one of the engineers who dismissed it as "dont know what that is"... Could that have been a hole which has allowed water into the gearbox? has anyone ever heard of holes in this section or familiar with what these orings are for (as the metal appeared to be milled and solid). (I am not pointing fingers or making allegations, but when the sections were split there was use of long screwdrivers / crowbar to ensure seperation.. I do not know if these were levered aginst the area which had an elongated rough edged hole)


When these engines run, they run brilliantly. There is nothing to compare to the performance. But less than 11 days total use and a catalogue of faults. A business that costs me money to run all because of engine failures. This cant be right. Surely Evinrude are capable of producing engines that are reliable?



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Re: Evinrude Etec G2 300hp.


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Re: Evinrude Etec G2 300hp.

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Looks like I will have to cancel further trips... :-(


Hope its ok to put a link to the thread?




Wondering what a PDI, Commisioning should consist of?

The catalogue of faults and issues with these two engines is actually greater than I stated. From the day it was launched when I noticed an oil ram leaking to the computer failure etc.


No engineer has been on the boat to see it run on water or plug in diagnostics from day 1.

There was no sea trial, and no commisioning on the water.


Also I have just read on Evinrude site that PDI / Commisioning is included in engine price.

I got billed for PDI checks and also travel charges to the marina which is 30 minutes drive away (Never any sea trials)




I was registered with a 1 year commercial warranty.

Despite the fact I have completed 250 hours in one year use, and it has been out of commision for a good portion of the year it has been afloat.





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Re: Evinrude Etec G2 300hp.



I am sorry to hear of your experiences with your outboards. 

The folks over on the E-TEC Owners Group site are very well versed and helpful and the information from the techs over there who responded to you is good.

Not being in the US or Canada means that BRP International and your Evinrude distributor are your points of contact.  Send the serial numbers and dealer's name to   brp.care@brp.com along with a history of your engine problems. They will look into your situation for you.




"There is never just one thing wrong with a boat";
                    -- Travis McGee, main character in a book series by John D. McDonald 



The factory recommends that a properly trained technician service your Johnson or Evinrude outboard motor. Should you elect to perform repairs yourself, use caution, common sense, and observe safety procedures in the vicinity of flammable liquids, around moving parts, near high-temperature components, and working with electrical or ignition systems.

The information offered here is only general in nature and should not be construed as complete factory approved procedures, techniques, or specifications. Always use the proper service manual for your motor, up-to-date service literature, the correct tools, and have an understanding of how to proceed with troubleshooting and repair methods. If you are unsure or uncomfortable with a procedure, a situation, or a technique, enlist the services of a factory trained technician.

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Re: Evinrude Etec G2 300hp.

Thank you Bluewater Bill,





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Re: Evinrude Etec G2 300hp.

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Engineers were down on my boat today.
Not for the gearbox, but to try and establish the faults I am witnessing on the Starboard engine.

The Starboard engine suffers quite often from fluttering revs... (The revs will bounce 100 - 500 revs different to the port engine, which used to hold steady until it blew up.. :-) )
I managed to take a couple of short videos which demonstrate what I mean.
Three times since installation I have had Injector number 4 Fail on starboard engine and replaced. Once it provided a code, and the other 2 times no code was evidenced. It was however diagnosed by closing the injector down on the computer and witnessing no change in revs.

I said I would ask on these forums as the engineers tied the boat to the pontoon today and put the engine under load and could not replicate the issue. (One engine running)


This is what happens with the engines Synced... In one video the Throttle position bounces around between 53 and 63 whilst the port engine holds steady and also the revs change on starboard engine.

Im worried that when the gearbox arrives and the Port engine is finally working, that this starboard engine is still going to be playing up.

Cheers for any suggestions.

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Re: Evinrude Etec G2 300hp.

I received reply from BRPCare, who confirmed that my engines as part of the PDI - commisioning should have undewrwent a Sea Trial as well as fuel vacuum checks and water pressure checks.

The dealer never did any of these.

It would appear the dealer never filled out a PDI check form.

The dealer on day one was unable to update software to the control unit and it did take over a month before a replacement unit was supplied.

The DPS, Itrim and other features did not work.

The Tilt/trim ram leaked on day one which I was told was normal as the seals were bedding in from factory.


Essentially I am asking you guys (Evinrude) what do I do?

I have 2 engines which are problematic.

1 which has blown a piston, same which has now blown a gearbox, the other which has had 3 injectors replaced all on the same cylinder. Steering which is loose and non responsive.

I am now aware that a replacement gearbox is in the UK for the non functioning engine, but what I really want is 2 engines that have not undergone numerous repairs fitted and tested by a qualified Evinrude technician.


The engine have little over 250 hours on them.

I have done everything by the letter, even having them serviced at 250 hours.