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Re: Flushing thoughts and questions...

When using the rear flush port without the engine running water comes out of the water inlet screens indicating that it does flush through the pump.
The engine can safely be run on the rear flush port.
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Re: New Block and impeller, motor not peeing. .

I have a 2016 250 Etech G-2. Just had the block, with all reeds , impeller and fuel pump replaced. Taking it out on breakin period the motor did not pee?? What should I do now. The dealer said just put a water muff on the intake and it should work?? If it did not work in water I doubt this? They also said the motor had to get to a certain temp  (did not say what temp) for it to pee?? I only ran the motor till it got 150 degrees F. Just did not want to cause any damage to it as the dealer is 4 hours away. Any suggestions would be appreciated.