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Fusion Radio not compatible with G2?

I have a 2015 G2 250HO on 26 ft Stripper
Motor has been great, warranty on the lower unit because it had some of the finish come of, new lower unit installed to fix the problem.
I have Garmin electronics nice package with latest versions 3 mfd 10, 8, &7 in. phantom radar, sirius receiver for weather sea temp as nd music, flir night vision, & fusion radio / media player with 4 speakers amp and subwoofer. Sounds great everything works well except...
The issue is my fusion will lose its connection to the network and its own dedicated control connected to the nmea network when the G2 motor is running, and only when its running typically about 5 to 15 minutes after i start it. Control of the radio is lost and its stays stuck at whatever settings it was on when the connection is lost volume station etc.
The only way to stop it is to shut down everything including disconnecting the house battery.
The electronics installer has tried everything he can think of including a new fusion radio and fusion tech support hasn't been any help.
Anyone else with this issue? Its baffling everyone.
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Re: Fusion Radio not compatible with G2?

I am not familiar with that Fusion radio system.
Do you have a power isolation T between the G2 backbone and the boat systems backbone? The G2 network has its own power node and should be isolated from other power nodes.
Is there a reason to run everything on one network instead of having the Sirius receiver and Fusion system on a separate network?
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Re: Fusion Radio not compatible with G2?

Primary reason for Sirius reciever to be on the network is for the weather service and to have Fusion and Sirius controls on the Garmin MFDs.
Im pretty sure the G2 is isolated Ill check on this.
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Re: Fusion Radio not compatible with G2?


I will forward your concerns to the appropriate department but you may want to contact Garmin higher ups about this situation to see what they have to say.




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