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G2 - 225 faults

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Reposted with better report pics:

Hi, Currently looking at a used boat with a 2015 G2 - 225 and looking for some qualified advice as to thoughts on this engine based on this report.

I am not sure what to make of the Excessive Knock faults, the number of times and that it seems they have not happened since the 173 hr mark (if I read this right). Nor am I sure what to make of any of the faults on this report. My 88SPL tells me when its unhappy with an alarm or it's refusal to start, neither of which has happened as nearly as often as there are faults on this G2.


If I decide to go forward with the purchase I will have a qualified tech check out the engine but am interested on thoughts first. Seller did tell me that the 500 hr service was recently performed. Sorry about the poor qualit pic.





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Re: G2 - 225 faults

you might want to call Marine Computer Supply (formerly DFI) at 844-627-2255 and discuss the report. The guy I spoke with at MCS (about my potential code issue/diagnostic report on my motor) was very helpful in simply discussing the diagnostic report that can be pulled from the EMM on the motor. If It's not too late, he might can help.