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Gear case lower drain plug not flush 300 etec 2013

So here’s a weird one, I was cleaning up my lower unit today and noticed the drain plug was proud a little more than a 1/16 th of an inch. I thought that was strange so stopped by the dealer and asked them, they thought it was strange as well and ended up selling me a new plug and convincing me to change the gear lube to make sure the bad plug wasn’t letting water in. Sounded reasonable. So I get home change the lube, looked pretty normal, I check the drain hole to make sure there’s no second washer in there, there wasn’t, put the new oem plug in, this one has the Allen key, the last one was a common, but, same problem, still sticking out just a little bit??? Not sure if it’s an issue or not, so I dressed the leading edge just to cut down on any turbulence but other than that not sure what to do. Had any one else experienced this?