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Impeller bits in cooling system

I am new to to the forum and from South Africa


I have 2 E-Tec 90's 2008 models fitted to my boat. One motor's impellar broke. I had it changed and the technition said he took all broken bits out. On idle the motor pumps water out but during my 1st trip the motor gave me a heat warning after 20 min run at 4000 rpm. No water comes out of tell tale at 4000rpm but on idle water pumps out and the heat warning goes away..

I removed the thermostat and found impellar bits in the spring. Removed the bits and the motor was fine again for about 10 minutes and then gave a heat warning. I did this about 4 times each time with the same result.. 

The technition suggested that i remove the thermostat and take the boat for a run. I did that but again after about 5 minutes the heat warning came on.


I think there are some bits stuck somewhere in the system. Is there a way that i can flush the entire system to ensure all bits are removed.


Please any help will be appreciated

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Re: Impeller bits in cooling system

Seem like your EMM is over-heating. Remove hoses from EMM and VST and make sure both items and hoses are clear.


Use either compressed air or garden hose to flush out. Careful not to apply to much pressure.