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Knock sensor issue G 2

4 years of ownership and I have yet to get this problem resolved on my starboard motor.  Yesterday was just the latest episode.  Flat seas running at 4050 RPM knock sensor goes off.  3900 no problems 4000 problems.  On the way home in a following sea anything over 3400 and engine would go into safe mode and knock sensor warning would sound and motor would begin to come up out of the water.  I have had the motors serviced by two shops in NJ and the issue has yet to be corrected.  The first shop changed out injectors, plugs and new firm ware along with high speed water pick ups.  This past October I took boat to a new highly reputable Evinrude shop for a ever persistent steering issue and knock sensor issue. The second shop gave me a detailed print out and in the print out had this  "knock sensors can go off for various reasons such as loose hatches slamming etc.." The fuel is fresh and tank is brand new this April so its not a fuel issue.  They only thing I have not changed is water separating filter could that be the issue.  Its a shame I have had nothing but problems with these engines from day 1.  When they work they are great but the amount of problems I am going to cut them loose and go to a different brand.  Can I simply disconnect the knock sensor? Anyone have any recommendation's for a quality G2 shop in Atlantic Beach NC. 

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Re: Knock sensor issue G 2

I suffered from the same problem it caused one cylinder chamber to to fail, new power head still the same problem. turned out to be a problem in the fuel supply. It happened after a new gas tank was installed improperly. Thank You BRP for the fast service and it was done under warranty.