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Loose Fuel Pump Line Causing Low Revs?

95 88HP Evinrude


I was out on my boat last week and couldn't get above 3200rpm at full throttle.  Engine revved all the way to 7000pm with no load but in gear it slogged and couldn't get to plane.  Seemed to run 'ok' when just slightly over idle.  Had checked all the fuel lines all looked fine, even replaced the primer.


Got back home, and noticed that the outlet hose on the fuel pump came right off...plastic hose clamp had loosened etc and could easily pull hose away from the nipple.  Bought a new fuel pump anyway and installed it


Does this sound like it could have been the cause?  And if not, any other ideas?  I want to get this puppy winterized and put away but would like to get it fixed before doing so.



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Re: Loose Fuel Pump Line Causing Low Revs?

If hose was still attached to nipple, unlikely to be cause of RPM loss. Don't rev engine over 1800RPM in neutral unless you want the internals to become externals.

Check compression and spark.