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Loss of Icon connection (twin 200HO)

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I have twin istallation of 200HO from year 2012 (DE200HXINS with Map Software version 3030442 revision 20869HO ,  and DE200XCINS, with Map Software version  3030442, revision 20869) with ICON dual lever binnacle control (one control station)


After I was calibrating with diagnostic software the trim min/max levels for both engines and saving the settings (or at leats I think it happen after that)  the icon connection was lost and now the engine tells that it is not an Icon engine anymore. Same happen to both engines (noticed it only after have made the calibration for both of them) . It seems (I'm guessing) that somehow the saving would have overwriten the parameter or something? No power loss or anything happened during the saving. Though the trim calibration seem to restarts the EMM, att leats I think so as the seoarator restarts.  Could the software somehow override the ICON slecetion parameter or something?.


The network seems to be working ok, the ICON netwok hubs are powered and all the fueses are ok, start/stop switch panels are also ok. Before the trim calibration I used the Evinrude Diagnostic succesfully when calibrating the shif actuater and able to connect and download data from the engne without problems


Advice would be really appriciated as I have the boat isome 50 nauticalmiles fro.m the closest service representative..



Thanks in advance:


Attached one page of the indentification report before and after:


2020-11-28 200927.png


2020-11-28 201047.png