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Prop help! Lund 1875 Crossover With a 175 Etec G2

My Father and I recently purchased a ned Lund Crossover XS 1875 (18' 10") weighing about 1600lbs. We are concerned that the prop the dealer has on will really limit our top speed at WOT.

Currently the boat is equipped with a Viper 20" pitch SS prop. To the best of my understanding this prop will likely get us to only around 45Mph? This seems awfully low considering our much heavier fiberglass boat could achieve 52Mph with a 150 Suzuki.

Can anybody please give me some advise on what prop to select prior to us picking up the boat as we have to travel 15 hours to pick it up! We ideally want a prop that is capeable of around 50Mph at WOT, good on fuel at cruising, and good for general use aluminum boats. 

Typical boat use: 3 people, 2 trolling batteries. Occasional watersports including tubing. 

Any advice is greatly appreciated!!

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Re: Prop help! Lund 1875 Crossover With a 175 Etec G2



Your boat is compares closely with the 185 Alumacraft.
A Viper is not the best prop for your type of rig. A Rebel with a  19" or 21" pitch would be a good starting point as would a 20" RX4.  
Engine height is critical for good performance so start with the 3rd hole mounting height. The 4th hole may even be needed but can be determined with a sea trial.
Evinrude drivers ran an Alumacraft 185 last summer in 4th hole on the nationwide Edge demo tour and it reached 54mph with a 22Rx4  propeller.

Remember that most testing is trial and error and it is important to work with a dealer who is willing to work with you.




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Re: Prop help! Lund 1875 Crossover With a 175 Etec G2

Thank you very much! I appreciate the insight.
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Re: Prop help! Lund 1875 Crossover With a 175 Etec G2

Even though as a tech I have not rigged a boat similar to yours my experience with G2's leads me to agree with Bill. The 20" RX4 would likely be the best option. In most cases propping a boat for best cruise mileage, top speed, and power for tubing would be impossible and require 3 different props. With the unique torque curve and fuel efficiency of the G2 engine you will find propping with a pitch in the high end of the rpm range will give you max speed and the incredible G2 torque will still pull a tube. Going from a 4 stroke to a G2 you are going to get a very different boating experience. Just make sure that you are seated or holding on to something when you accellerate.
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