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Purging Oil System on 2002 Evinrude 225

Just wondering how you purge the oil system on 2002 Evinrude 225, Model #E225FHLSNF. I purchased a service manual and it's being shipped to me, but I'm not sure if that information will be in there. The reason for wanting to purge the oil system is because I just got done troubleshooting a small oil leak coming from the Oil Injector/Manifold Assembly. It appears that there is no gasket or o-ring between the top 2 peices of this manifold assembly.. anybody have any experience with these? I found an o-ring that would fit in between these 2 peices, so I put it back together and now i'm looking to test run it. From what I've read online these engines circulate oil throughout the oil system, with any extra being put back into the oil reservoir, so my plan was to pull the oil return line and run the oil pump and everything until all the air bubbles are gone. BUT, I'm not sure how to run the oil 'system' without running the motor? Thanks in advance, I'm definitely a rookie working on these motors!