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Rebel S/S prop vs. Thrust Bushing

Hello All!

Finally got around to resealing my outboard lower unit on my 1996 Evinrude E200TXEDR; all new seals, gaskets, gasket sealing compound and o-rings installed.

Here's my issue.... when everything in place, I installed the original TBX thrust bushing and the Rebel prop, and the thrust bushing does not seat where it is supposed to in the shaft, and I am unable to obviously set and screw the prop as it is supposed to go.

I inspected, and the angle of the inside of the thrust bushing is not the same as the older (original, part # 0126870) thrust bushing, which basically seats "flush" with the bearing carrier assembly end.

Removed the TBX thrust bushing, installed the original, and now it sits where it is supposed to go, but now the Rebel prop does not fit into the notch where it is supposed to sit in the original thrust bushing (again, original part # 0126870)... I am assuming then that there are different TBX thrust bushing units as well? I understood they were universal... but hey, universal might be all but one part in the TBX kits...?

Scratching my head BIG time... can anyone share any input?