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Tachometer running high

Hi Guys,

Sorry to trouble you but I had a odd issue yesterday and hopefully you can guide me in the right direction.

We took the boat out on Barnegate Bay and started my 2014 75 Etec without any issues, ran perfect at the dock. Headed out and slowly started advancing the throttle and noticed that my tachometer was reading 5000 RPM's but I had barley advanced the throttle, wasn't on plane yet and the motor sounded just fine. I took her out of gear and saw that my RPM's were at 1800 at ideal ???? I could tell that the motor was running perfectly so we advanced throttle again and the same thing was happening,so we just took it slow and continued crabbing. After 4-5 times of this repeated issue I suddenly saw that I started getting a proper reading on the tachometer and it didn't happen the rest of the trip out. She was running perfect as she did all morning except for the tachometer.

Like I said , the motor was purring like a kitten and I never noticed the motor sounding strange in anyway. When the tachometer started recording properly I would get the boat up on plane without issues and with correct tachometer readings.

Could it be a tachometer connection issues? Should I check it's wiring first?

Has anyone had this experiance with a tachometer?



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Re: Tachometer running high

Most likely a bad connection on the tach.
I have a 75 Etec with a Teleflex tach and maybe one out of 30 outings it will read high until I shut the engine off and restart. I haven't tried to diagnose mine since it rarely happens.