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Why did you decide to become an Evinrude Pro?

Hey Team Evinrude and Pro Staff members? Why did you decide to become part of the Evinrude family? 

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Re: Why did you decide to become an Evinrude Pro?

I became an Evinrude owner at 7 years of age. Literally. I told them I needed my own boat to fish and so they "gave" me a boat that I could sit in and fish very shallow in. I.e. a number 5 washtub in the yard to flip at until my Dad came home from work. I would then allow him to use "my" boat and motor for deeper fishing. I have never been disappointed with my engines. Bass wishes! Dan Morehead
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Re: Why did you decide to become an Evinrude Pro?

Great story Dan!


My Grandpa ran an Evinrude - which was all I needed to know!  In fact - my mom bought the engine at the estate sale and said: "I got this for you boys. Your Grandpa was so proud of this motor!"  It sat in the garage until I was old enough to buy my own little fishing/duck boat.


1st Coast through time - 14 years later - bought my first "big boat" It had a 175 Evinrude Intruder on it.  Man did that thing fly! Fished my first big water tournament - was very thankful for that engine - it got us home safely in some of the biggest waves I have ever seen in my life.


2nd "Coast through time" - 10 years later - Signed on with Evinrude simply due to my experience with the products and the people that built, sold and serviced them. One of the best things that ever happened in my career!


From Grandpas engine to now: I have owned more than 40 Evinrudes.  I'm looking forward to my next 40.

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Re: Why did you decide to become an Evinrude Pro?

Well for me Dan it was from birth my family at the time owned a boat dealership in Mankato MN and we carried both Johnson & Evinrude motor's! For the fishing part of it well I think it was where most of us got are start with strong family traditions of spending time in the great outdoors and on the water. I knew in highschool that it was a dream of mine to become a Professional angler.