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Xd100 vs xd50 fuel mileage.

Hey guys/girls. I have a 2014 z521c. Evidently for the first 40 hrs on the 250 ho motor the computer was set to run xd50 oil even though I have been running xd100. At that time the boat got horrible fuel economy and oil consumption was ridiculous. We'll the boat had to go in the shop and while there I had them check computer and run diagnostics on it just to check everything out. They asked me if I ran xd50 or 100? I told them I ran xd100 so they asked me if I wanted it to be programmed for this. I said yes. Well now the boat sips the oil and fuel economy has increased dramatically. Why would this be the case? I get why it's using less oil, but why has my fuel economy gone up so much.? Thanks for any replies.
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Re: Xd100 vs xd50 fuel mileage.

A small change in the amount of oil delivered to the motor would not make a significant difference if fuel milage.More likely something was adjusted or changed which made the difference, plus you have to account for the extra oil used during the automatic break in.


One thing that affects milage and oil consumption is having a propeller that does not allow the motor to turn up to its optimal rpm range. Most fuel economy or excessive oil usage complaints are propeller related. Your 250 HO has a 6000 rpm redline but an optimal WOT rpm from 5500-5800 with a normal load onboard.


You say you have a 250 HO,  that model does not have a reduced oil setting because most of the later HO models are used in high performance applications which needs addtional lubrication protection.




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Re: Xd100 vs xd50 fuel mileage.

The motor is a 2014 250 ho etec. Should it not be set on the xd100 setting?
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Re: Xd100 vs xd50 fuel mileage.

Good Evening Gasman:


Your 250HO does not have a XD100 setting on the computer.  You should run XD100 as it is the very best oil for your engine but again, your EMM on the 250HO does not offer a choice between TCW3 & XD100.  The only setting is TCW3.


The 250HO is one impressive engine!!!!!  Just make sure you have it propped correctly as BluewaterBill outlined in his replay to your question.


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