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computer failure on my E-Tech

I have a 2007 evenrude 90hp etech that stopped charging my starting battery and left me out stranded in lake erie, after jumping it and getting back to the launch,I brought the battery in and got it load tested, the battery tested good. so I took the boat in to a boat mechanic and they are saying that it is a bad circuit on my computer so I need a whole new computer for it. the cost sounds like it will be around $1500-2000. so the first questian I have is: is that a resonable price? and second is when I get this fixed what are the chances it does this again? If its something I have to worry about forever, ill sell it. also what causes these to fail? he said there will be a one year warrenty on it after but seems like I should get a longer warrenty.     thanks in advance for your help im just really frustrated since i got the boat two years ago and it only has 84 hours on it.

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Re: computer failure on my E-Tech

The price sounds about right if that includes the labour to fit & program the new EMM.  The chances of it failing again would be very slim. The mechanic should also check all electrical connections including battery terminals. NO WING NUTS as this can cause electrical failures such as yours.  The 1 year warranty on spare parts is standard for all brands.

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Re: computer failure on my E-Tech

Not the most correct option but you could install two batteries with a battery switch.
Jumping a dead battery and getting back to the dock indicates that the EMM is providing enough internal charging to run the engine. The most common causes of voltage regulator failure are trying to charge old or weak batteries or through bad connections.
A low hour engine may indicate that the boat/engine was only used a few times each season and ran the same old battery for many years.
Yes, an EMM is a high cost item and I understand your concern about the replacement EMM failing in the future.
It is a lot more about time than engine hours as Etecs can run trouble free for well over 1000 hours, some in the 3000 hour range. Your current EMM is 13 years old.
To add another perspective on electronic components, consider a 13 year old "low hours" television that had only been turned on a few hours a year.
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Re: computer failure on my E-Tech

I have an 08 115 it is junk. Unload yours on someone if you can. I was offered 2000 dollars trade in on mine and it cost more than that to fix it. Eery time someone complains about an emm going bad they make up an excuse why its the owners fault for letting your battery get weak or you didn't check your terminals and you had wing nuts so its on you. Give me a break with the excuses no other outboards have this kind of trouble and the cost is less than half to repair.