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diagnostic software and oil pressue issues

I recently acquired a 2010 250hp etec from a freind that is repowering his Regulator.  The motor will be going on a bracket on my classic Formula 233 center console. 


Part of our deal is that I am derigging and removing the Etec from the Regulator, which is fortunate for me, because it give me a chance to go through the motor and take my time removing the wireharness etc.


I am told the engine needs a new EMM, but I do not have any details related to that diagnosis.  So naturally, I am going through the motor and doing my own complete diagnosis. I have the BRP software along with the cables.


So far I have only had a few minutes to do a quick scan and take a few snapshots with the motor not running.  (I did run the motor briefly on a hose, but I did not have the software hooked up)


Regarding the software:  I get a nice report showing the engine speed profile, engine temp profile, etc.  HOwever, the reports for engine speed, engine temp and EMM temp show in seconds which is totaled at 1223520 (which would be 20392 minutes or 339 hours).  The motor has around 1400 hours.  Is there a way I can get a report for the entire 1400 hrs?  why am I only getting the last 339 hours ?


As far as the actual issue with the engine, the only current fault is code 72 Oil pressure below expected range.  This, along with code 38 oil pressure feedback not detected are both prevelent in the occurred and historial engine faults.  I am only about 5 minutes in to diagnosing this... but it appears to me the million dollar question is...  is there an actual issue with the oil system?  Is there a sensor fault in the oil system?  or is there an EMM fault? 


Any thoughts on this oil pressue issue is greatly appreciated.  Interestingly enough there is a "no oil time" of 13:23:51 so I am hoping is not an physical problem with the oil system.


Thank you



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Re: diagnostic software and oil pressue issues

The engine diagnostics tool provides the ability to clear the profile data. In your case, it would seem that this has been done. Max temps and RPM are recorded through the life of the engine. Once profiles are cleared, the data is gone. 


The two faults you you cite are related to the oiling system. Ranging in both probability and expense, the cause could be air bubbles in the oil lines which prevent the oil pressure from properly detecting oil pump pulses, a defective oil pressure transducer, or a defective oil pump.


based upon the no oil runtime info, the system has had the problem for some time. 




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Re: diagnostic software and oil pressue issues

Thank you for the response. 


I can't get any current faults and I tested the oil pump, voltage and signal from the EMM and everything seems to be fine.  What I did find however, is the rigging tube was full of oil which actually ruined all of the wiring.  The oil deteriorated and expanded all the wire jackets - they all look like a snake trying to swallow a rat.  I am not sure if the deterioration penetrated to the wires and caused issues or not, but I have already ordered a new wire harness.  There must be an oil leak somewhere in the oil line - which could certainly have lead to air in the system.  Or the oil could have damaged the wires causing issues.  Or both.


Another interesting observation is that despite being charged for more than a day, both batteries on the boat are reading weak on my "smart" battery charger.  I actually had to use my own battery to get the motor started even after charger for 6 hours. 


Bottom line... I found enough issues outside of the EMM that I am not going to worry about replacing that over the winter.  I ran the motor for a bit and then ran a winterization and its now safely resting on a custom roller stand in my garage.  I also put a borescope in each cylinder and all of the cylinder walls look great with decent cross hatch pattern.  I don't want to curse myself, but I think I am going have a good motor for this project next spring.