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high altitude g2 prop?

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I have a 250HO G2, model E250 XH G2, with a Rebel Stainless Steel Prop 15.5x17 on a 2015 2601 Striper. WOT = 42kt., Cruising ~4K RPM 27kts = 3MPG


This prop works great at sea level where my boat lives, I'm planning on taking the boat to Lake Tahoe and I'm inquiring about the size of a G2 altitude prop? I made this mistake last time I went to Tahoe with my 2101 Striper with a Honda 225. This boat was overpowered for its size and failed plane at this elevation (6,225) using a prop that worked well at sea level.


Anyone running a 250 G2 at Lake Tahoe?


I did find a general rule to adjust the sea level prop down 4" in pitch for 6000' of altitude, and 2" for 4000' of altitude. Using this advice I found a 15.5x13 three blade aluminum prop p/n 763453 at Boat Propeller Warehouse. I called them and they agreed that this was a good adjustment however they aren't sure if this prop will fit the G2, they are calling Evinrude to confirm the fitment


Update: According to Boat Propeller Warehouse who called Evinrude tech support they don't make an aluminum prop for the G2, becasue the G2 uses the TBX spline there are only SS props at $450. This is a big investment for a weekend of running about at Tahoe! If I reprop it looks like my only option is the Evinrude SSP TBX 155/8x13".




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Re: high altitude g2 prop?



If the prop company does not make a replaceable hub for the Evinrude E-TEC G2, then their regular Evinrude props will not fit.




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