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Do you: fish for specific species or whatever bites the line?

I was thinking earlier today about how my father taught me to fish when I was younger. He would only fish for specific species (cat,carp,etc.). He would setup his rigs to target specific types of fish and would often more than not, catch what he was intending because he knew the lakes inside and out.

My question to people here is: do you think it would be smarter to teach a new angler how to fish for a specific species or how to rig up a line that might work for many types.

I feel it would be less burden on the person learning to give them a specific rig to use (how to adapt that to different water depths) and show them how to: catch catfish, for instance. If you gather research on the lakes beforehand, you can go there with the intention to fish for a specific type. Then as they become more finessed in the sport, they can move onto different species as they wish.

Just a thought I had the other day. What are your opinions on this topic?