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Favorite Lake

Hi, my favorite lake is the Nahuel Huapí in Argentina, the largest in Nahuel Huapí National Park. 

Though we are in mid winter right now, (like mid january in northern hamisphere) I'm worried about what will happen to trout and salmon fishing this spring, (starts usually 15th of november), due to heavy volcano ash coverage in late june and early july in rivers and lakes of southern Argentina and Chile. Does anybody have experience on this fenomenom and can he tell me about it please?

Fishing done is fly, spinning, trolling allowed in licences.


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Re: Favorite Lake

Very Interesting Ed!


I would vote right now for Leech Lake up in Walker Minnesota.  Chock full of huge walleyes, perch, muskie and bass - not to mention all kinds of other fish!  Definitely one to put on your short list!