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Favorite fishing lure of all time?

What is your favorite lure of all time?  The one you "goto" when it's all on the line?


Mine?  I would have to say a hand made 1/4 oz Do-It hair jig - blue!  Close second was an original Rapala floater in Perch!

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Re: Favorite fishing lure of all time?

Mine is a gum-drop sting'n Floater and a baitfish-image float'n spin gold perch

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Re: Favorite fishing lure of all time?

Man Tommy, this is an oft asked question and not really fair, since so many "favorites" apply to different fish or lakes at any given time. I guess if I had to pick one lure to take with me to a lake anywhere in the world and expect to catch a few fish...it would have to a 1/4 oz jighead with a white 3" or 4" twister tail. If I could slip one more lure in there unseen, it would have to be a 3/8 oz spinner. Either Mepps, Roostertail, Blue Fox, etc. Light in color with a dressed tail.

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Re: Favorite fishing lure of all time?


One of the most recent E-NATION blog posts features George Cochran discussing his tips on how to be a successful bass fisherman.  He explains why his favorite type of bait to catch bass is top water bait.  He used it to win the 2006 FLW Forrest Wood Cup!




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Re: Favorite fishing lure of all time?

Rapala f-9 black and silver also the bleeding shad