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Hook n' Look Splash #16 - Smallmouth Positioning on Steep Ledges

On Hook n’ Look Splash #16 Kim and 1000 Island’s area fishing guide Dean Meckes prospect deep river ledges and discover St. Lawrence River golden smallmouths. Kim and son Danny then descend to the depths and uncover the bass’ positioning along the sheer drops. A Strike King Rage Tail Grub is the featured lure.


You can check out the video at http://www.hooknlook.com/hook-n-look-splash-16-smallmouth-bass-on-steep-ledges/


Our Evinrude E-Tec 250 HO has been the ideal outboard motor for us, it has the perfect idle speed to get accurate Humminbird Side-Imaging scans of the bottom of the lake.  We also never worry about fouling plugs or choking up the engine.


Utilizing Humminbird’s Side-Imaging technology we were able to survey the deep ledges that held smallmouth bass. It wasn’t until we dove in and realized how the bass travel the very edge of the ledge, but when feeding the bass would swim straight down the sheer cliff to chase the bait.

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